How to increase speeds on Jio 4G

Since the last month or so many users have reported a significant speed reduction on their jio connection. There are many tricks which can help you increase your speeds like using VPN’s, or increasing connections.

Trick for increasing download speed of Jio

To increase the normal download speed on jio you can use Internet download manager, and try increasing the default connection number to 32. This trick can lead to twice the current download speed.

 Increasing download speeds on jio with VPN

If you are using an Android device, then try downloading Snap VPN. Then select India as the main server. This trick also doubled my current speed.

snap vpn

Increasing speed of JioFi

One can increase download speeds by using any VPN’s. Cyberghost VPN has fared us best with Netherlands server.











Note – If you are tech savvy and know to handle servers you can try digital ocean’s Bangalore server. Just install Open VPN and you are good to go.

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