JioFi 2 Reviewed: Specifications, Speed Test, Battery Life & more

Reliance Jio has launched their mifi device JioFi 2 on 16th August publicly. Which means anyone can buy the device without any invites. The mifi device is priced at Rs 2,899 which is fair pricing considering that you will be getting free 4G data for 3 months under the Jio Preview Offer.

JioFi 2 Specifications –

No. of Device supported 31 (Wi-Fi) + 1 (USB tethering)
Rated capacity 2300 mAh
Standard WAN:LTE (2300/1800/850MHz)
IEEE 802.11b/g/n 2.4G only
Power supply AC: 100-240V; DC: 5V&1A
Dimensions 85.0 * 55.0 * 16.0mm
External Interfaces Micro-SD card interface
Micro-USB port
Mini- SIM interface

How to buy JioFi 2 MiFi device?

The process to buy the JioFi 2 is simple and straightforward.

Documents required – Proof of address and Proof of Identity. (Photocopy of aadhaar card will act as both.)

Step 1 -Find your nearest Reliance Digital / DX Mini store Here is the store locator.

Step 2 – Call the store to find if the device is in stock.

Step 3 – Visit the store with the required documents.

Step 4 – Get the device and wait for a sms on your registered number for tele verification.

Step 5 – After you receive the sms that your number can be tele verified call 1800-890-1977 and verify your identity.

Step 6 – Enjoy your MiFi device.

If you have any problems with the activation process contact JioCare they are responsive and help you resolve any issues.

Battery Life of JioFi 2.

JioFi 2 comes packed with a removable 2300MaH battery. The running time is roughly 8 hours and standby time is 300 hours. Which means it could easily last a day. The charging time is also short. With the supplied power adapter it takes 3 hours 30 mins to charge the battery completely.
If you are a power user and want additional juice you can always carry a power bank.

Speed Test of JioFi 2.

The speed of JioFi depends solely on your location. So if you live close to a Jio Tower you can stop worrying as you will most definitely will be getting good speeds. The JioFi has a built in indicator which indicates the signal strength.

If you are worried about slow speeds, then don’t worry. The least speed that jiofi has given was 4 Mbps which is less but still far better than other providers.

Tricks for increasing download speed of Jio

I will definitely recommend using IDM with max 32 connections. This simple trick doubled my speed.

Jio with VPN

I have tried using various VPN’s most were very slow and sluggish. But Cyberghost VPN with Netherlands server gives great speeds for me. The above screenshot is of the same.

Interface of JioFi 2.

The interface is very similar to that of normal wifi routers. You can login to the interface by visiting http://jiofi.local.html or The interface shows various parameters like the signal strength, battery percent, devices connected, etc.

USB Tethering?

USB tethering is also a option for those devices which do not have wifi. If your desktop does not have Wifi then you can connect the jiofi to your pc to access the internet.

Range of JioFi 2

The range of JioFi 2 is respectable. You get 6 – 8 Meters of wifi range. It cannot be compared to other normal wifi routers, as it is a portable device with a built in antenna. There is no way to extend the wifi range other than using after market wifi extenders.

How to find data usage?

To get the data usage you should first register on Then after you complete the email verification you can login to your jio account and see the usage.

You can also download MyJio app on your phone and login to view your data usage for jiofi.

Have any doubts, questions, queries Let us know in the comments.

  • Keshava Balaji

    Can we buy Jiofy 2 without HP laptop because I heard the people having HP laptop will got a unique refferal code and the the code has to to be scanned by by shop members and then only we can get Jiofy 2

    • sandeepsinha

      it is free 4 any one.

  • Wild

    I purchased Jiofi 2 device on 10 Sep 2016 but the sim is not active. I was told to activate the sim I have to dial 18008901977. I must have dialled that number hundreds of time but I can’t get through I always get recorded message ‘All lines are currently busy’.
    Then I tried to call your customer care number and there I get only recoded music.
    I am hugely disappointed by Your shoddy service.

    Looks like all your promises of free this and free that are just gimmicks to attract customers and swindle them to buy your useless stuff and give no service thereafter.
    It makes me wonder With such poor business ethics how are you people surviving.
    Sunil Tyagi

    • sandeepsinha

      please call using a bsnl number or a landline. then you will go through in one go.

  • gowtham raj

    how to upgrade firmware of jiofi2

  • Shailesh Dhekne

    VPN connection not working with Jio Wifi router.

  • Jishanth

    I’m not able to connect VPN through Jiofi , showing error that ” A connection to the remote computer couldn’t be established, so the port used for this connection was closed”. Even i cud connect VPN through Hotspot of vodafone mob connection.

    Jio support couldn’t help me to sort out this problem.

  • Arun Kumar

    How to connect jiofi2 to tv the tv has usb input connection so that I can view the utube what device should I purchase

  • numair qureshi

    Can I use jiofi on my ps4 pro, and how much for unlimited can sum1 pls tell me

  • Dr M M Tiwari,Raipur

    My Jio Fi 2 range is very short since I bought it in February 2017. I have visited the service center thrice,once during warranty period and then twice after expiry of warranty period. In service center I am told that my device is OK and nothing wrong with it. They say the range is shown about 50 ft.As in service center the network is very high so it might be showing full range but in my house it is not more than 5-6 ft though I connect it with one device only. Moreover the other JIO FI 2 of my tenant working at the same location shows very good range. I mailed to jio care and when visited service center 4 days ago, the service center persons managed me to talk to their head office who also told me that my device was ok. What should I do ?