JioPhone first impressions

Jiophone is set to disrupt not just the telecom sector but handset sector as well. For a refundable price of ₹1500 upfront and ₹153 a month, the JioPhone feels sturdy and heavy enough to indicate a powerful battery to last long hours of video watching and live tb that are bundled.

The 2.4 inch QVGA display is small, similar to other feature phones. However, it is bright & sharp so as to not detract from overall experience.

It uses KaiOS and has an apps store which has access to what looks live a light version of Facebook, YouTube, movies and songs through JioCinema and live news on some channels, through the JioTV app. Whatsapp should also be on board by launch.

Besides screen quality, what also matters to consumers is the camera quality and the JioPhone does not disappoint. The picture quality from both front and read camera is great, especially considering the price.

Mos impressive is the virtual assist built in to the device. Speak into the phone using the voice assist app and you can launch several features, including internet search and voice dialing from your contact list.

The alphanumeric keypad is comfortable to use. A video call sign on the call button hints that this could be an upcoming feature which could be enabled with a software update. Jio has not yet confirmed whether it will go down the path.

Kai os is not a popular choice for phones but developers will probably be spurred into action to create apps & games, considering reliance is going to sell these in millions.

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