Reliance Jio to launch in coming months: Mukesh Ambani

While promising shareholders of the progress made by Reliance Jio, mukesh ambani said “Reliance Jio will be launching in coming months”. No specific date was given out, but recent news suggests the launch will be in the upcoming months.

“Post launch of the commercial services, Jio will play a significant role in lifting India from its current 155th rank in Internet penetration to amongst the top 10 nations in the world” says the annual report of RIL.

What does the annual report say?

The annual report mentions the aim, and vision of reliance jio. It specifies what jio wants to become after its launch. The report mentions that Reliance jio has its presence in all 29 states, including 18,000+ towns and 1,50,000+ villages.

Reliance Jio is world’s largest startup with proposed investment outlay of over 1,50,000 crores. Jio holds pan India Unified License, holds 846.1 MHz of liberalised spectrum across 800 MHz, 1800 MHz and 2300 MHz bands

Strategy of Reliance Jio


“Currently mobile broadband coverage in India is estimated at just 15% in contrast to 75% in the US. At launch, Jio will have 70% coverage of population and will rise to 90% in the next one year. This coverage will be backed by the largest network of spectrum, tower and ber assets, thus providing huge capacity”


“Data consumption per consumer in India is far below the global average. Currently, the per capita data consumption is estimated to be 0.15 GB per month mainly due to supply side constraints. Jio’s network is engineered to provide capacity of over 10 GB per month for every Indian.”


“Quality of broadband services in India is below par international standards. Jio plans to oer speeds that are multiple times faster than the current average speeds oered in the market, through investment in superior Long Term Evolution (LTE) based networks backed by world class customer service quality.”


“Affordability is key to success of the digital revolution. Jio will make its services accessible and aordable to all consumers. It has developed its network at an extremely ecient cost base coupled with signicant operating eciencies. These eciencies will enable it to oer services at a substantially lower cost than others.”

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