Reliance Jio launches, opens trail network registration for everyone

Last month we reported about reliance jio opening their trails for everyone and from today anyone can register their interest on .  LYF mobile phones are available at all retail outlets of Reliance Digital and reliance express mini.

The official website of reliance jio ( ) is also live, the website showcases various extended apps and services offered by reliance jio. You can also register your interest by filling up a small form and you will get a notification when reliance jio launches exits it’s trial and launches for the public.

The website is clean and responsive. The website still does not show any hints to the plans and tariffs which would be offered by reliance jio. The website has a dedicated apps button which shows you the various apps available to reliance jio customers like My Jio, Jio Chat, Jio Play, Jio on demand, Jio drive, Jio money and Jio security. also features a login button for existing reliance jio customers, this features allows customers to create service request, activate services live Do not Disturb (DND) and several other things. Basically you do all things which you can do on My Jio mobile app.

If you are thinking of trying out Reliance Jio’s 4G and have money to spare you can get the cheapest offering the LYF Flame 3 or LYF Flame 4 for Rs 3,999 and enjoy free services for 6 months. The free service include voice, data and messages.


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